Gidi Gidi in hot soup after leaking Sakaja’s confidential documents

A section of Kenyans received Sakaja's identity in shock

Johnson Sakaja

Through the documents shared on his Facebook account, Gidi Gidi revealed the little-known side of Johnson Sakaja who is vying for Nairobi senatorial seat.

A section of Kenyans received the identity in shock while others opted to question, on how he managed to land on Sakaja’s documents.

This resulted into a heated discussion with some giving him a lecture for exposing Sakaja’s documents to the public.

But the Radio Jambo breakfast host did not stay calm as he also opted to fire back asking those who are mad with him to unfriend him.

“If you don't like what I post on my wall just ignore or unfriend me. Do not come here to lecture me on my Facebook wall that I created with my own bundles. Kulundeng! He he” reacted Joseph Ogidi aka Gidi Gidi

He went ahead to advise that people should be proud of their background, as the documents revealed Johnson Sakaja’s name “Koskei” that has never been in the limelight.

“Parting shot.....Be proud of your background or ethnicity, do not disown it for political reasons. Goodnight Wangwana” wrote Gidi Gidi.

Since Sakaja joined the political arena, he has always associated himself with the Luhya Community, maybe that’s why people were shocked to know his middle name.


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