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Sassy Video Star Tours The Capital City Of Uganda (Photos)

Sexy video star Soila Cole, who shot to national fame (infamy?) after she featured in the first ever pro-LGBT rights video in Kenya, and later in other musical projects including one by Calvo Mistari, has been living the good life of late, it seems.

After cutting her hair and rocking a sexy natural do, the blithe showstopper has been living it up across town - and even across the pond.

And while other TV girls and socialites are known for loving to travel to West Africa to tour, shoot videos, find men and just live it up, Soila seems to be more at ease traveling around East Africa and just savoring what the our good neighbors have to offer.

And last week, the gorgeous Huddah Monroe-lookalike jetted off to Uganda to savor the nightlife of one of the buzziest and most lit party cities in Africa, Kampala.

For a week, the Instagram star ,who also has been selected as one of the social media Influencers of one of the biggest entertainment and Internet providers in Kenya, Zuku, toured the expansive Matoke city, from the shores of the Nile to the creeks of the Lake of Victoria.


It's not yet been determined who accompanied Soila to Uganda and it's been largely speculated that she was taken to the Land of Ssevo by a filthy rich Dubai oil heir who also has been linked to Noti Flow, Vanessa Chettle and an ex-girlfriend to one of Kenya's biggest soccer stars.

Well... When they start traveling out of the Country, you know they've started to hit the zenith of success.

A couple more pics from Soila's Ugandan trip


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