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Tedd Josiah forced to weigh in after incident involving a Nigerian at JKIA

Just to let you know...

Kenyan music Producer Tedd Josiah forced to weigh in after incident involving Nigerian Michael Ernest at JKIA

Popular Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah on Wednesday was among the Kenyans who disagreed with the approach used by the Immigration Department following an incident involving a Nigerian man identified as Michael Ernest.

Mr Josiah cautioned the Immigration department that they mistreatment of African who visit Kenya eventually affects Kenyans who frequent other countries in the continent.

"Just to let you know, when you make things difficult for our African brothers they reciprocate the favour in equal measure at their ports of entry without missing a heart beat. So we the frequent travellers suffer not the people in your office," he tweeted.


Nigerian accuses Kenya Immigration officers

Michael Ernest launched a complaint against immigration officers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) accusing them of mistreatment and unprofessional conduct.

"I find it disgusting that Kenya Immigration has decided to frustrate Nigerians for no reason at all.

"I arrived (in) Kenya (on the) 21st and today 27th I was to get to Maputo from Nairobi only for immigration officers to stop me insinuating the following: I could have a fake ticket (like really?)...Nigerians aren’t allowed to do 3rd country...That I and Nigerians are criminal...the immigration officer also lied (further assassinating my character) that I raised my voice at him when confronted by a staff of KCAA," Ernest narrated in a series of tweets.


Immigration Director General, however, issued a statement on Wednesday denying the Nigerian's accusations.

"We wish to state that Michael was not singled out because of his nationality and neither was he called a criminal," the statement read in part.


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