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The bizarre Internet challenge that has people stripping down to their birthday suits

Another day another challenge. Over the last few months we have seen a variety of challenges like the #Mannequinchallenge and the #dischargechallenge which crashed as fast as it started.

A censored version of a girl doing the #onefingerchallenge

Now there is a new challenge called the #onefingerchallenge that is taking over the internet. In the #onefingerchallenge participants are expected to take a naked mirror selfie with a tactically placed finger that covers their breast and private parts.

The Daily Dot reveals that this challenge is the invention of Japanese anime artist Sky-FreeDom who drew an anime cartoon whose naked mirror image was covered by one finger on her genitals another on her bare breasts.

But unlike the mannequin challenge, this challenge posts the risk of getting body shamed and encourages’ the toxic culture of cyber-bullying, this is according to Teen Vogue who weighed in the issue.

So people are encouraged not to participate in it.


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