Prezzo and Michelle Yola make a comeback to Nairobi Dairies but not without some drama!

During the 3rd season of ‘Nairobi Diaries’ Michelle Yola and her fiancé Prezzo quit mid-season without giving in any notice.


Sources close to the show’s producers revealed that the couple abandoned the show because they wanted more pay but the producers were not up for it.

Michelle Yola on her part said that she quit the show to pursue her studies. For fans of Nairobi Diaries’ the Makinis leaving the show was a kick in the teeth as the show was left without much meat and was pretty boring as the couple knew how to ‘leta action’.

But the Makinis are back for the fourth season. They will be joining new cast members like Francene Chettle, Bridget Achieng, Brian and Noti Flow.

It seems that Vanessa who also didn’t finish the third season is a no-show for this season.

As expected, Michelle Yola’s comeback came with its own share of drama. The slender reality star took to Instagram to clap back at people who called her skinny and ugly without make-up.

This is what she posted:

People always try to attack me in every aspect of my life oh sijui she's skinny.oh sijui she's not that pretty without makeup. oh sijui chali yake amefanya sijui nini oh sijui am broke oh sijui she lightened her skin oh sijui she doesn't know how to speak..etc.! If I was faint at heart I would have heard a heart attack long time ago.I always have one question tho? Am I that important to be talked about?I guess so.

But guess what my man loves my skinny ass.I don't own an island huko Maldives so no offense taken for those saying she's broke..Ju sasa kamdem kameanza kuvaa tu bandage dresses from IG boutiques na red bottoms za backyard na kawig na knock off ya mac makeup you think you've made it? My dear calm your titties we were there. My friends die all the time I dance my bones off cz they think it's silly. My man sees my head every day without a wig n makeup. So yani akuna Issue eti mtu anaweza niambia sahii that's new. So if you planning to attack me there is a break down for your storyline..Soo niacheni tu.


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