Wema Sepetu shares the heartbreaking story behind her miscarriages

She has revealed why she is unable to carry a pregnancy to term.

Wema Sepetu

“I have always desired for a baby from the age of 24. I had this mentality that if I got a child early I would really be happy with my child. Then one day I go visit my gynaecologist and he said that I had a growth and that my eggs were being produced but they kept bursting and that is why I would get so many miscarriages. So he told me that if we didn’t solve it I would end up with cervical cancer, it has tortured me for a while,” she confessed on Lil Ommy TV.

And it was this yearning for a baby that had Wema resorting to herbal medicine in a bid to get pregnant, something which further complicated her medical condition.

“I have not consulted witchdoctors, but I have taken so many types of herbal medicine including Maasai herbal mixtures as I was so desperate. It reached a point that I would drink anything anyone offered me. I was too desperate that I complicated my issues. The doctor told me that I took too many herbs that it just compounded my problem. For now, I am taking a break from trying to getting pregnant.”


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