Why Avril is not afraid to reveal her age

For some its a touchy subject.

Avril Mwangi (Instagram)

They say that its taboo to ask a woman about her age and a man about his salary.

In fact, lying about how old we are as women and how much men earn has become a time-honoured tradition.

But this is a tradition Avril is not willing to pick up because she believes that every age she has been in was a significant chapter in her life that built her to who she is today. Which is a refreshing outlook from someone in the youth-obsessed realm of show business.

“I am turning 33 this year. Me I am proud of my age, I am very proud of my age because each and every year kuna kitu kimefanyika maishani mwangu and I am proud of the amount of time I have taken to be who I am and to continue doing what I do. Being a mum in my 30s has came at an opportune time. Maisha ni kama kitabu kila chapter inafaa kuwa na story yake. Nimeingia chapter fulani in my 30s which I find amazing. Motherhood is amazing,” she said on Radio Jambo.

Gift from God

Avril’s son’s name means ‘Gift from God’ in Hebrew and he was truly a gift as Avril had given up on having a child.

“I have battled a lot of things throughout my early adulthood to my late adulthood, actually I didn’t think I was gonna have a baby. It gets to 32 and I am like ‘I’m actually having a baby!’. I wanted to have a baby for the longest time, I wanted to be a parent for the longest time and anyone who knows me personally knows that that was what I used to sing from the age of about 27,” Avril told Parents Magazine.


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