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Why the #LesbianPastor is trending in Kenya

KOT criticize lesbian pastor, Pastor Jacinta

Why the #LesbianPastor is trending in Kenya

Evangelist Jacinta Nzilani Kilonzo made a confession early this year at the High Court of Kenya that she was a lesbian.  During that time, Kenyans and the LGBTQ community were expecting Justice Chacha Mwita to make a ruling on a petition seeking decriminalization of homosexuality in Kenya.

What shocked many is that she was a lesbian and also an Evangelist.

In an interview with a local TV station, she said that a touch of woman matters a lot to her and she is not ashamed to be lesbian or a lesbian pastor since she serves all people with Agape love.


Asked whether it was right for her to have relations with another woman, she went ahead to quote John 3:16 saying that God commanded us to love each other unconditionally

she confessed to have a partner who is also an evangelist, someone who is mature and understands her.

“She is mature and loving. We do what couples do. We also kiss.” she said.

With the trending hashtag (#LesbianPastor), Kenyans on Twitter have come out to condemn her calling her a hypocrite and a sinner. Some have even quoted bible verses to show that the scripture does not support same sex relations.

Mc Kim @mckim_ke Morality in this country died long time ago, Right now much of what we are witnessing is nothing but total madness and for your information,we haven't seen anything yet.


@Sam254w How does Jacinta the #LesbianPastor preach on the book of genesis.. God created a man and from man's rib He created a woman as a companion and yeye huambia watumishi wake aje? Ama yeye husema they were created to have fun?

@Freddy_Musyoka How do a #LesbianPastor guide couples who have marriage issues? How does she tell the wife to submit before husband while she is neither of them? They have diluted the Word of God to suit their desires but He is watching

@KaleeBaee I'm not being judgmental but I don't think this pastor follows the doctrines of God

@plo___lumumba Do you pple remember Gods wrath in Sodom and Gomorrah???...The globe is towards peroration. Let's repent and prepare a way for Christ.

Pastor Jacinta ministers as an Evangelist in CSC Cosmopolitan Family church in Nairobi.


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