Zari Hassan opens up on the struggles her mother went through to raise 7 kids

Respect to all mothers!

Halima Hassan, Zari’s mother made curtains for a living and often, she received so many orders which had to be delivered and since she wanted to ensure all her kids never lacked anything, she spent her nights preparing the curtains.

Other than making curtains, Halima had another hustle which was dress making. Owing to her prowess in the field, she had so many clients who kept her busy even when she was supposed to be sleeping.

Cooking skills

Zari revealed to True Love Magazine that her mother was her best friend and she shared everything with her. Her expertise in cooking is courtesy of her mother. The boss lady stated, “I think my mum molded me into the woman I am today. She taught me how to stand tall in whatever you believe in and to love yourself most of all.”

Having all these memories Zari got traumatized on losing her mother. Halima passed on last year. She was diagnosed with cancer and it was while it was at a later stage.

The mother of five has opened up on her mother’s struggles days after she was reunited with the father of her children and ex-fiancée Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond -Zari talks

Diamond’s manager went to South Africa to hold reconciliation talks with Zari and later they were joined by the pop singer. They have restored harmony and friendly relations but they will maintain as parents of Tiffah and Nillan and not lovers as it were earlier.

Zari dumped Diamond on Valentine’s Day and she cited unfaithfulness as the main cause of their publicized break up.


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