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How to spot a creepy guy from miles away

Ever had an encounter with a creep?

Signs that a guy is creepy (dushisingtao)

Maybe guys don’t realize it but some of the things they do are so creepy. And nothing turns off a woman like a creepy guy.

Creepy guys can really frighten you and make you feel uncomfortable around them. Nobody wants to date a creep anyway. So, if a guy is hitting on you and has these signs, he is no doubt a creep and the best thing might be to stay away from him:

1. He won’t look at you


You can tell when a guy is shy and when he is completely avoiding direct eye contact. So why doesn’t this guy want to look at you in the eye? What does he have to hide in those eyes? Since you can never know, just keep off.

2. He stares at you like forever

You are just having good times in the club with your girls and this guy stares at you for so long. You expect that he is probably going to gain the courage to approach you but he doesn’t. He just keeps staring and you can almost feel his eyes penetrating through your bones. That’s a creep!

 3. He doesn’t care about personal space


You know those guys that stand so close to you until you feel like you can’t breathe? If you are sitting on a bench, they also sit so close yet there is much more space.

4. He is all touchy touchy

So you just met this guy for the first time and he wants to touch you all over? That’s a surefire sign that he is a creep.


5. He asks for your pictures

Why should a random guy or someone you just met ask for your pictures? Only a creep will demand photos of women they hardly know.

6. He sends dick pics

Well, this is creepiness on another level. If a guy sends you his dick pics or videos of him doing some kinky stuff and expecting you to get turned on, you need no more proof that he is indeed a creep.


7. Gears the conversation towards awkward topics

Like let’s say you are just chilling and the guy starts talking about sex, guns or his weird fetishes.

8. He tells you things you don’t need to know


If he can’t keep certain things about his life a secret, it could mean that he will also go sharing details of your conversations with other people. Such is a person who cannot be trusted with secrets. 

9. Lastly, we have these guys in matatus who read your messages when you are chatting. They don't even hide it and it's so uncomfortable.


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