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Businesswoman loses Sh200K investment in minutes

She said the Sh200,000 equipment took her months of sacrifice to aqcuire.

Nancy Okuta

A businesswoman in Kisumu is counting losses after she lost her photography equipment worth Sh200,000 on Thursday, August 13, 2021.

Taking her frustrations to Twitter, Nancy Okuta who is a photographer and marketing manager said her house was broken into and robbed.

Came back at 5.30pm to find my house in Kisumu broken into by two men dressed in official attires, met them at the stairs, they drove out in a silver Toyota Premio

My Canon 80D camera, V 850 Godox speed light, 50mm prime lens,18-55mm lens, memory cards and Sony android tv remote are gone,” she explained.


Okutah also shared images of the vandalised door and room which had been ransacked.

"I just got Redmi note 10 pro phone Jana, just noticing now that the charger is gone. The thieves even took my box of masks and deo. My photography career is gone like that,” she lamented.

The businesswoman also expressed frustration that the Sh200,000 equipment took her months of sacrifice to invest but had been stolen in under an hour.

Many Kenyans sympathised with her and encouraged her to file a police report to help kickstart investigations.


The thieves’ car had been spotted near the house by neighbours who assumed they had come to see one of the tenants so no one bothered to take note of the number plates.

Nancy suspects that the robbery was staged by people who know her and have studied her movements.

Camera Theft

Celebrity photographer Fauxine Arts also lost equipment he had rented out to a friend, Tim Visuals, who was later drugged and robbed.


The cons were referred to Tim by a photographer who said he was unable to take up the job and decided to pass on the opportunity to him.

The ladies asked the victim to meet them at an Airbnb. Upon entering the house he was offered coffee and started feeling drowsy soon after. He was robbed of all the equipment including his iPhone.

CCTV footage obtained from the building showed the two ladies leaving at 10 am but by the time Tim regained consciousness, it was 8pm.

They reported the matter to the police and had a toxicology done, revealing that the victim was drugged using Benzodiazepines.

Benzodiazepines are a type of sedative medication. This means they slow down the body and brain’s functions.


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