CCTV footage shows new twist in Mildred Odira's murder

Murder case takes a new angle

Mildred Odira

Police officers probing the murder of Mildred Odira on Wednesday stated that she might have been murdered by someone else after latest CCTV footage showed that she alighted from Uhai Neema Hospital.

 The detectives stated that the cameras outside the hospital showed that the taxi driver, Davis Ochieng, dropped off Odira at the entrance then drove into the hospital’s compound and made a U-turn.

The police noted that they are trying to locate the vehicle or motorcycle that the deceased used from the hospital gate to Allsops, along the Thika Super highway.

Charles Owino, who is the National Police Service Director of Communications and Cooperate affairs, explained that they are yet to receive the results from the government chemist as they wait to arraign the taxi driver in court on Friday.

“The suspect will be arraigned tomorrow but we are relying on the lab results which will help determine if he has a case to answer,” remarked Owino.

Ochieng insists he dropped Odira at the hospital

Initial reports had stated that the hospital informed the law enforcers that no patient with Odira’s name was received at the hospital.

Ochieng had however highlighted that he had taken her to the hospital in Ruaraka, waited for her for slightly over an hour before he decided to leave.

The controversy arose, when the taxi driver had been captured in another CCTV footage where he patted his chest with a client in the rear seat who was believed to be Ms Odira.

An Autopsy on Odira’s body, who worked as a switch board operator at Foresight Company, had revealed that injuries on her limbs suggested that she had been run over by a car.


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