How State House Official Accessed Raila’s Speech hours Before Withdrawal

The State House Official has revealed how he Accessed Raila’s confidential document

Itumbi leaked the speech via his Facebook page hours before Raila could read the speech in press conference hence raising questions on how he managed to get access on such confidential information before it was let out to the public.

His action prompted fear among NASA supporters that probably state House has been monitoring their operations.

According to Itumbi who spoke to Nairobi News, he accessed Odinga’s speech before it was read out at a press conference.

“Yes it is true I leaked the speech on my Facebook page. The reason for me having that page is based on a philosophy that I have that information to be shared first and it must also be factual” Itumbi told Nairobi News on Phone

He added that he did not really leaked ther information but just share it to the public.

“In fact it is called sharing information and not leaking and that is what I did. The NASA coalition statement on the withdrawal of the candidature of its presidential And deputy president candidates was something that was meant for the public consumption hence I just shared it to the public” said Itumbi

Asked on how he got access to the speech, Itumbi defended himself saying he got the information through his own ways    “I got the information through my own ways and being a trained Journalist I know how and what to work and get the things I want”


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