Caroline Mutoko & Julie Gichuru's gift to Uhuru [Video]

It is something we decided. Nobody decided it for us

The event that took place at Safari Park hotel last week, was heavily criticised after the two media personalities posted photos on social media, in which they had posed with the President and his deputy, William Ruto.

A section of Kenyans sharply condemned Ms Gichuru for seemingly endorsing Kenyatta for what they termed as personal gains.

The two were the Masters of Ceremony at the event organised by Friends of Jubilee Foundation and at least Sh1 billion was raised to help the Head of State.

In a video, Ms Mutoko revealed that the two did the emceeing work as a gift to the President.

The former Kiss 100 presenter highlighted that she told Julie that they should not charge the President but instead do it for free.

"We did not get paid. It is something we decided. Nobody decided it for us. We told the President that we had forfeited our fee as a gift to him," Mutoko said.

An outspoken Mutoko bashed Kenyans for attacking Julie highlighting that the only reason the two of them got the deal was because they were 'awesome'.

"Why us? because we are awesome. Julie and I are great at what we do because we purpse to do a great job,"  she said.

Here is the video:


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