Mohammed Ali shames Joho over Mombasa tragedy

The tragedy has killed several

Investigative journalist Mohammed Ali has launched a scathing attack against Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho over the rain tragedy that has hit Mombasa in the past one week.

In a long Facebook post, Mr Ali stated that Joho’s neglect of the County was what has led to the current tribulations the people of Mombasa are facing.

The journalist highlighted that Joho was more focused on publicity stunts other than the issues facing the locals.

“Sultan spends all his 5years bashing UK, importing Rihannas n Chris Browns, taking his ODM caliphate gospel to Nairobi,” he said.

He insisted that the Governor, who calls himself 001, had no single clue of how to run a City like Mombasa adding that he was more interested in his own gain.

“Sad truth is our bearded neighbor took over the office to feed his publicity-hungry ego. He knows as much about running a city as I do about operating an alien spaceship,” he mentioned.

Moha opined that the tragedy was all due to the poor planning of the Governor.

“Rains have got nothing to do with the mess that is Mombasa. If anything, it took a 3-day deluge to expose how vulnerable Mombasa was. No structures have been put in place to avoid preventable flooding,” he noted.

Mombasa has experienced serious floods which left over 9 people dead while displacing scores.

At the same time, the County has experienced an outbreak of dengue fever which has so far infected over 100 people.

The former KTN journalist also blamed the people of Mombasa over these troubles highlighting that they allowed themselves to be blinded by Joho’s political stunts.

“People blinded by idiotic blind devotion to a party ideology are now taking swimming lessons from the comfort of their living rooms.

“Politics or not, at the end of the day, these are the painful lessons,” he added.


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