Esther Passaris lands in Kenya, responds to Sonko's InterCon hotel claims

Passaris addresses allegations of inviting Sonko at the Intercontinental Hotel

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris

Nairobi Women Rep Esther Passaris has called on the DCI to access data from the Intercontinental Hotel to prove that she had not invited Governor Mike Sonko, contrary to allegations by the county boss.

According to Ms Passaris, she had stayed at the hotel for two night during the induction of Members of Parliament.

Speaking to the press on Monday morning at JKIA, Passaris maintained that she had no ill intentions when she told the governor she was at the hotel as alleged by the governor when he leaked texts and audio messages between the two of them.

I welcome the EACC to investigate. I waive all rights to privacy when it comes to hotel Intercontinental. I would love that hotel to access all my private data," Passaris stated.

"I stayed at that hotel for two nights when we had the induction for parliament we all stayed at the hotel... when the governor called me to ask whether I was going for the induction I told him I was already there," she added.

Madaraka Day fallout

Passaris said she was not letting go of the issue as Governor Sonko had lied against her and put her integrity to question.

She also addressed the Madaraka Day fall out that made her walk out during the governor's speech saying she had gone to support the County Commissioner.

"I went to support the County Commissioner, a woman, on her first public event. There is nowhere in my speech where I said that the Governor was not picking up my calls. I do not understand what the Governor was addressing," said Passaris.

During an interview with Citizen TV, Sonko alleged that Passaris had been paid to taint his image and paint him as a person who is against women by a 'powerful person from State House.'


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