Why popular water brand will be sold in glass bottle

Change is here

Pouring water in a glass

As part of a plan to reduce its plastic waste footprint, bottled water giant Dasani is rolling out a new way to pay to hydrate yourself.

Dasani water will be sold in glass bottles instead of the previous plastic bottles that are popular in Kenya.

The water giant is stepping up its green initiative by giving a makeover to its brand, which is among the best selling bottled water brand in a country the best selling beverage.

Buyers will be required to return the bottles which cost approximately Ksh20. Protecting your health and caring about the environment are just two of the reasons why you might want to consider switching to the Dasani glass bottle.

Reusable bottles

When glass bottles are reused, far fewer bottles will need to be manufactured which in turn saves resources and the most crucial part is joining the initiative of preserving the environment.

The industry sells billions of bottles in a year—and it knows that most of those bottles aren’t recycled. This is part of a handful of new strategies that the company announced today as it tries to reduce plastic waste.

The change to Dasani's packaging could help the Coca-Cola owned brand to eliminate 1 billion virgin plastic bottles, made with non-recycled plastic.

Conserving environment  

Dasani will still be available in plastic bottles too, but, as part of Coca-Cola's "World Without Waste" initiative, it will reduce the amount of plastic in those containers through a process called light-weighting.

The World Without Waste initiative was initiated to combat the increase of plastics in the environment. Glass is generally highly reusable and friendlier to the environment.

Recycling glass is one of the many ways we can help reduce pollution and waste. Experts say that glass is made from naturally abundant materials — primarily sand — and it won't degrade over time.

Dasani’s new initiative is in line with Kenyan Government especially in matters conserving environment.


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