A TV interview on Wednesday turned into a shouting match as Suba North MP Millie Odhiambo and Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika clashed over their political persuasions.

Ms Odhiambo who is an opposition MP loyal to the ODM party criticized Ms Kihika's allegiance to the Tanga Tanga/ Hustler Nation faction of the ruling Jubilee party.

The Suba North legislator lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta's recent statement on "rotational presidency" stating that the President was hitting at the "Hustler Nation".

"If you continue with the hustler narrative, I can assure you that you are moving in the wrong direction. The President was basically telling you that hey, you are pushing a class war... Our politics is very ethnic, not issue based like the US, and it will always be that way," Millie stated.

Ms Kihika, while defending the "hustler narrative" explained that the group is not advocating for "the poor to eat the rich".

"What Millie and her team don't understand is that the hustler narrative is appealing to Kenyans regardless of tribe, social status and region. You can't ask us to find another narrative because it is working," Senator Kihika stated.

Cows and Fish - Millie Odhiambo versus Susan Kihika

While commenting on a controversial letter by Murang'a Senator Irungu Kang'ata, Ms Odhiambo opined that the Central region is opposed to the BBI referendum due to the political antagonization propagated by the Tanga Tanga faction.

"Why did the narrative succeed in Nyanza? Because as leaders we took the time and explained to people why a certain region is receiving more funds than them. BBI is being opposed in the Central region because people like Kihika are selling it as an anti-Raila narrative, they have spoiled their own ground. They are actually cutting off their legs to spite their noses, so Central Kenya is actually throwing out the baby with the bath water," she stated.

The conversation would later escalate after Ms Kihika declared that the people form the Mount Kenya region are not cows following a leader blindly.

"The difference between the people in the Central region and the people from Nyanza is that we are not cows, we don't just follow blindly even as leaders," Kihika begun before Millie interjected.

"So are you calling us cows? I'd rather you call us fish than cows," Millie stated.