4 bombshells DP Ruto dropped during fiery interview on NTV

DP Ruto speaks

Information from NIS on reviving ICC case, conversation with Mark Too about President Uhuru Kenyatta - DP William Ruto speaks

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday night revealed fresh details on political intrigues surrounding court cases against him as well as his relationship with President William Ruto.

Speaking to NTV, the deputy president disclosed details of National Intelligence Service (NIS) surveillance that were shared to him by NIS boss Maj. Gen. Philip Kameru.

"Aside from this case that has been resuscitated, I had a discussion with the Director General of NIS late last year, and for your information, there are characters who have already sent people to Kenya to resuscitate the ICC cases against me," Dr Ruto disclosed.

The second-in-command went on to disclose details of his political history with President Kenyatta claiming that he orchestrated the President's entry to politics.

"I knew President Kenyatta in 1998-1999. For your information, even the first time for Uhuru to come to parliament as a nominated member, the former President Moi sent me to Mark Too to ask him to resign so that Uhuru Kenyatta could be nominated to become MP, and Uhuru Kenyatta knows this.

"I had a rough time persuading Mark Too to resign and he gave me a list of conditions and I explained them to the former President and to Uhuru," DP Ruto alleged.

DP Ruto speaks on Uhuru losing 2002 presidential bid

Dr Ruto shared a third little-known bit of his history with the President dating back to his attempt for the presidency in 2002 claiming that he was among very few politicians who showed support.

"In 2002 when former President decided that Uhuru would be our [Kanu presidential] candidate, a lot of politicians gave lukewarm support. I was the only one who stood with Uhuru up to where he conceded. Let me tell you a story, when we were sitting in State House as the results came in, we were almost 50 MPs but when the time came for Uhuru to go and make the concession speech we left State House as 50 MPs and arrived at Serena [Hotel] as three and one of the three was yours truly, William Ruto," he narrated.

Finally, DP Ruto recounted details of how President Kenyatta settled on him as his running mate in 2013.

"When 2013 and 2017 came and Uhuru was looking for someone to support him, Kalonzo Musyoka refused, Musalia Mudavadi refused even Eugene [Wamalwa] refused. The only serious politician in Kenya who was willing to cede his ambition to support Uhuru Kenyatta was William Ruto. So if you are talking about respect, surely, if there's one person who has supported Uhuru Kenyatta at every turn...the only people who may have done more for Uhuru politically are probably his wife Margaret and his family members, there is no politician who has supported Uhuru more than myself," DP Ruto stated.


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