5 reasons we should all be alarmed about the fake Jesus roaming the streets of Nairobi

A man resembling biblical Jesus caused wild frenzy on the streets of Nairobi as he walked bare footed while holding a stick.


An unidentified white man resembling Jesus Christ yesterday November 24th caused a stampede as he walked through the streets of Nairobi.

There was something sinister about the man as he dressed in archaic clothing and behaved the same way biblical Jesus was portrayed in Western movies.

Nairobians rushed to take selfies with the white man as he walked along Moi Avenue. It’s not known where he was heading to.

But the stunts by the fake Jesus shouldn’t be taken lightly, religious group could perceive his action as an insult to their faith. Below are 5 reasons why ‘Jesus’ should be shot dead (to the extreme) or at least get deported from Kenya.

1.  Charlie Hebdo attack

If you can remember the January 7 terrorist attack at French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, then you will see why ‘Jesus’ must not be tolerated.

Charlie Hebdo caused worldwide uproar after they publishing controversial cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad. (Depictions of the prophet are forbidden in Islam.)

What followed was a terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo’s office by religious lunatics. 12 people were killed.

The man depicting himself as Jesus shouldn't be entertained in Kenya, you just don’t know what might happen. Religious extremism is not something to laugh about.

2. Biblical 10 commandments

The third commandment; “ Thou shalt take the name of the LORD your God in vain. No graven images or likenesses.”

The white man who caused a stir in the CBD was portraying himself like Jesus. And many people actually thought he was the real son of God. That’s outright blasphemy.

3. Religion is a delicate subject

In 2000, Joseph Kibweteere convinced members of the faithful of the Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments church in Uganda that the world would end in the onset of the new millennium.

Kibweteere predicted the world would end on December 31 1999 but changed that to December 31st 2000.

He led 294 people to death in March 2000; he convinced them to burn themselves in church so as to avoid Armageddon.

If the man in the streets of Nairobi could convince a few confused souls that he is indeed Jesus, what can’t he do? Karl Marx once said religion is the opium of the people’s mind, is it not the case?

4. ‘Jesus’ caused stampede

The fake Jesus caused a stampede in the CBD as curious Nairobi milled around him to see with their eyes if indeed Christ had returned. People get hurt in sudden wild rush.

Stuntmen and all other conmen attracting huge crowds in the CBD get license from relevant authorities to proceed with their business.

5. ‘Jesus’ caused chaos

Below are some of the comments from Kenyans:

Shiru Githui: Have shown this pic to my daughters and they are super excited that"Jesus amerudi" They are asking me to take them to town to meet Jesus Ghaiii.....

Haroun Risa: So, Jesus has come looking for the other thieves of what?

Mtu Jdm: We are totally brainwashed. And the guys who did it died, so we are helpless now.

Zamzam Mohammed: No comment after all this is end of time,you never can tell, instead of arguing let's repent for time is running against us.

Zulekha Mirrow: Next week Father Christmas lookalike

Afzal Sameja: Tomorrow i will try

Peter Mwongela: oh! Tell him, I just picked a tree after the bend..am waiting upon a "Zacheus come down"

Elizabeth Chemtai: U guys are funny! Somebody acted Jesus' film...so if he comes here will u call him Jesus?

Tanya Osewe:  Come on people....Jesus is not white!!

Issack Ismail: He look like a man who acted the cinema of Jesus.people are nowadays confused by putting a picture of a man who just acted the cinema in churches,houses,made cross with the man picture...but truth Ni kuwa hakuna mtu anayo the real pic of Jesus.the man died after enriching himself from movie...bcoz pple were almost worshipping him

Jan Zigbe: According to BBC, they projected him to look like this. This man does not even look like Jesus. The colonialists brain washed us into believing that Jesus was white.

Jeremiah Mungai: We should not dismiss him. Might be one of the signs of Jesus return.

Auzs Liz:  If that is truly Jesus,then I think He has just come at right time when Kenya is drowning in corruption and staffs like that.welcome back Christ


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