What you need to know about the Interim Government Raila has proposed

Full Details about an interim Government

According to the former Prime Minister, an interim Government will give the country time to review the Constitution and allow Kenyans to have a free and fair credible election.

This form of Government will be the first in Kenya and Pulselive.co.ke researched on some important facts about this kind of administration.

1. An interim Government is also called a provisional or transitional Government.

2. It is an emergency governmental authority set up to manage a political transition, generally in the cases of new nations or following the collapse of the previous governing administration.

3. It can promise of members outside Parliament. In 2013, for instance, Liberia chose a politically obscure businessman identified as Charles Gyude Bryant to head the Government. Therefore, incase Kenya forms one, any individual can be selected to lead the country.

4. The head of the Interim Government in Liberia was referred to as the Chairman and not the President.

5. An Interim Government has been formed mostly in Countries under political turmoil.

6. Libya, South Africa, Liberia, Nigeria, Ethiopia are among African countries that formed an interim Government.

7. An interim Government is not directly provided for in the Constitution of Kenya.


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