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Heroic GSU officer dies after jumping out of a taxi along Thika Super Highway

The decorated GSU officer was among the team that was deployed during the DusitD2 attack

Thika Super Highway in Nairobi.

The police are mourning following the heartbreaking loss of Joseph Azuza Chama, a decorated General Service Unit (GSU) officer, whose heroic actions during the DusitD2 attack on January 15, 2019, earned him widespread acclaim and admiration.

In 1998, Azuza became a member of the Red Berrets FC.

His dedication and hard work caught the attention of the police, leading to his recruitment in 1999.

Azuza's commitment and discipline earned him the position of captain for the Red Berets, a role he held until the team faced relegation.


A significant event in Azuza's career occurred when he was deployed during the attack on the DusitD2 hotel and business complex.

This devastating incident was orchestrated by the Al-Shabaab militant group, resulting in the tragic loss of 21 lives.

Azuza, along with other brave officers, including himself, tirelessly worked for 19 hours to contain the assault and ensure the safety of others.

Recognizing his exceptional skills and dedication, Azuza later joined the United Nations as a security officer.


His reliability and commitment were highly regarded by his peers. Jeff Otieno, a close associate, commented, "He played his role well because he was somebody you could count on."

Sadly, Azuza and his mother were laid to rest on Saturday March 23.

Despite his celebrated bravery on the battlefield, Azuza tragically took his own life after grappling with the devastating loss of his mother, Mary Anael Chama.

Despite his stature as a respected officer and leader within the GSU, Azuza was unable to overcome the profound sorrow caused by the passing of his beloved mother who died on March 5 .


Friends and family members spoke fondly of the bond shared between Azuza and his mother, describing her as not only a parent but also a cherished friend and confidante.

The depth of their relationship underscored the magnitude of Azuza's loss and the unbearable pain he must have endured in her absence.

The circumstances surrounding Azuza's death paint a poignant picture of a man overwhelmed by grief, unable to find solace in the wake of personal tragedy.

Azuza, while returing from Kenyatta Funeral Services home where his mother's body was, made the fateful decision to leap from a moving vehicle on Thika Road.


According to a police officer from Muthaiga Police Station, "The family said that he was unsettled throughout the journey, when they left the mortuary, heading to Kangemi PAG for fundraising. However, after reaching Muthaiga, he jumped out of the car and rolled to the edge."

He survived the initial impact but rolled back onto the road where he was hit by other vehicles , ultimately succumbing to injuries.

His untimely demise serves as a sobering reminder of the silent battles waged by individuals dealing with loss and grief and the importance of providing support and resources to those in need.


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