10 cooking oil brands suspended by KEBS [List]

September 23rd 2022, 1:48:25 pm

KEBS orders that the cooking oil brands be removed from circulation until they comply with required health standards

A bowl of cooking oil

The Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KEBS) has flagged 10 cooking oil brands after failing to meet required health and safety standards.

KEBS Director for Market Surveillance Peter Kaigwara announced the suspension of the 10 brands in a letter to the Retail Traders Association of Kenya (RETRAK).

Kaigwara however clarified that the suspension was not a ban but a temporary but a measure to ensure compliance and consumer protection.

The affected brands include Bahari Fry, Fresh Fri with Garlic Oil, Fry Mate, Gold and Pure Olive Gold, Postman, Rina, Salit, Tilly, and Top Fry.

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Kindly note that this is not a ban on the brands but a temporary suspension to allow the manufacturers of the non-compliant brands to initiate and put in place effective corrective action under KEGS supervision to ensure that the non-compliant brands comply with the requirements of the respective Kenya Standards and Standards Act Cap 496, Laws of Kenya before being allowed back into the market,” read an excerpt of the letter.

KEBS ordered RETRAK to ensure the items named are removed from the shelves in all stores until compliance has been attained,

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention the below-listed brands of non-compliant edible oils and fats that failed to meet the requirements of the standard and to request your good office to notify your members to recall these brands and remove them from the supply chain from your members' outlets across the country,” the KEBS Director for Market Surveillance said.

He did not disclose specific details regarding the standards the mentioned brands failed to meet.

The manufacturers of the said brands will have to be given approval by KEBS before they can be restocked.

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