The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has released names of 17 people to be arrested today and prosecuted.

In a letter dated August 10 and signed by DPP Haji, the seventeen will be arrested for fraudulent acquisition of public property and other corrupt activities involving the National Land Commission (NLC), Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC) and Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning.

“The Commission embarked on investigations which established that the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning irregularly allocated and registered parcels of land situated on the Railway Reserve. Further, NLC officials fully Cognizant of that fact proceeded to irregularly and illegally award and compensate the entities and persons in whose favour the fraudulent registration had been done. Regrettably, KRC who is the custodian of Railway reserve actively participated in the entire process of compensation undertaken for and on their behalf by NLC,” read part of the statement.

Here is the list of persons to be arrested;


NLC Chair Mohammed Swazuri, Salome Munubi, Karimi Mugo, Gladys Munyaga, Aziz Chavangi and Obadiah Wainaina have so far been arrested by Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Detectives.