Only Sh9,000 in the account - Waititu gives reasons why he shouldn't be Impeached

Kiambu is full of propaganda - Governor Waititu

My daughter only had Sh9,000 in the account - Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu pleads with Senate over impeachment

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu on Tuesday appeared before the Senate to defend himself in the matter regarding his possible impeachment from office.

While giving his address to the House, Governor Waititu recounted media reports that had alleged his daughter having large sums of money in her account.

The Governor claimed that the media reports were exaggerated noting that at the time, his daughter's bank account had only Sh9,000.

"Some of you know that some time ago there is an article that went viral claiming that my daughter had been found to have a bank account with Sh100 million. It was found to be untrue. She had an account with only Sh9,000.

"That is the level of propaganda that is in Kiambu County," Waititu claimed.

You will one day be governors - Waititu appears before Senate

Governor Waititu further pleaded with the Senators to consider his case bearing in mind that they may have aspirations to one day be governors as well.

"I was also an MP for two terms...however bad I might look politically or otherwise, I just beseech you to be fair.

"Some of you here will be governors in 2022, you will also come here and you will require justice. I was in this compound for two terms as an MP. I am now back," he stated.


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