Security cameras in Assa Nyakundi's son shooting complicate probe

New twist

Lawyer Assa Nyakundi during a past court session

Police probing the murder case of lawyer Assa Nyakundi’s son mentioned that security cameras showed a 31-minute time gap that could not be accounted for.

Detectives stated that Nyakundi’s location could not be traced based on the time difference from which his car had been seen at Museum Hill and when he arrived at Aga Khan Hospital.

Police alleged that the unaccounted minutes is when Joseph Nyakundi might have been shot dead.

The new information now contradicts that of the lawyer where he had noted that the incident took place near his house in Muthaiga.

The footage from the security cameras obtained from the Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication (IC3) centre recorded that the vehicle was captured at Museum Hill at 12.50pm and was later seen entering Aga Khan Hospital from Limuru Road at 1.21pm.

The investigation has left police in a dilemma as Nyakundi is yet to record a statement because he still admitted at Nairobi Hospital.

Autopsy report contradicts Assa Nyakundi's statement

Last Thursday, an autopsy report by government chemist had revealed that the well-known legal representative could have shot his son following a confrontation.

The autopsy further indicated that the advocated could have shot his son intentionally, which goes against what he had told the police.

The report claimed that the shooting occurred outside the car while the bullet projection pointed at a confrontation before the gun was fired.


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