The one question Uhuru kept asking organisers before attending Akorino meeting

New details emerge

President Uhuru Kenyatta kept asking us if  politics would be allowed at Akorino conference - Secretary General Abraham Macharia

Details have emerged on the final moments that preceded President Uhuru Kenyatta’s attendance at the Akorino Conference where he delivered an angry rant against Mt Kenya politicians advocating for Deputy President William Ruto.

According to Abraham Macharia, the Secretary General of the Conference of Akorino Churches Assembly that had organized the function at Kasarani, President Kenyatta had kept on enquiring if the gathering would have political speeches.

Macharia said he had personally assured the head of state that there would be no political speeches after communicating with the other Bishops involved in planning the meeting.

Governor Mike Sonko speech

When we invited him, he told us that he did not want politics. He kept asking if there would be political talk at the function and as the Secretary General who was at the centre of the planning, I told him I had given him my word that there would be no politics unless from him or from the Deputy President,” Macharia told a vernacular television station on Tuesday morning.

The Akorino Bishop said that the promise was observed with the exception of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who made a political remark proposing that Kenyatta needed an extension of his legacy.

When Sonko started talking politics, I talked to my Chairman who rose up behind Sonko and requested him to avoid the political talk. We had a good meeting with prayers but the media only picked that part of the President’s speech but even leaders are allowed to be angry,” Macharia added.

The Sunday meeting has dominated political talk with mixed reactions from leaders across the political divide.

Ruto’s allies have condemned the President’s speech with Kericho Senator Aaron Cheruyoit even claiming it was Ruto who had organized the meeting.

The President’s allies have defended his angry speech  - arguing he had reached his limit after being defied by his own troops. 


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