Kenyan movie Supamodo on Sunday won the best European children’s film during a film event held in Berlin, Germany.

The film bagged the top spot during the Berlinale which is the Berlin International Film Festival.

Best European children’s film ward won by Supamodo (Twitter) Best European children’s film ward won by Supamodo (Twitter)
Mugambi Nthiga receiving the award (Twitter) Mugambi Nthiga receiving the award (Twitter)

The win was announced through their twitter account that stated, “We won. SUPA MODO won the Best European Children's Film at the ECFA - European Children's Film Association,”

The film co-written by Likarion Wainaina and Mugambi Nthiga, follows the life of a young girl’s dream who wishes to be a superhero but her ambitions are threatened by a terminal illness.

Her predicament inspires people in her village to come together and make the dream become a possibility.

Supamodo submitted for Oscar nominations

Supamodo in 2018, beat two other Kenyan films, Rafiki and Njata, to be nominated for an Oscar.

The decision which was made by the Kenyan Oscars selection committee, noted that the film not only met all requirements required for submission but also offered a strong body work on the technical aspect and offered a great entertainment value.

Actress Staycie Waweru as Supamodo Actress Staycie Waweru as Supamodo

"After consideration of all the points and the strengths and weaknesses of the film, the Oscars Selection Committee Kenya hereby confirms that it has selected Supa Modo as the Kenyan submission to the 91st Academy Awards (Oscars) in the category of Best Foreign Language Film," stated the committee.

However, the superhero film didn’t make it to the list of the final nominations after it failed to impress the Academy members from each of the 17 branches.