Mysterious woman who lived with Dusit D2 attacker arrested

Secret life of Dusit D2 attacker Salim Farouk Gichunge

A lady wearing a black hijab (Twitter)

Police have arrested a woman who was living with identified Dusit D2 attacker Ali Salim Gichunge alias Farouk, in Guango Estate - Ruaka, Kiambu County.

The woman identified as Violet Kemunto Omwoyo was arrested on Tuesday night by Anti-Terror Police Unit offices as the rescue operation went on at the Dusit Complex.

Violet was known to the neighbours who assumed that the two were a couple, since they moved in to the apartment together in March 2018.

Neighbours described her as a reserved woman who was always in a hijab and accompanied Salim to the shops.

Whatsapp Profile Picture

Violet is said to have put up for sale an array of household items on Facebook on Monday, purporting that they were moving out of Nairobi.

The Facebook account she used to post the items went by the screen name "Junior Red".

Her Whatsapp profile picture was also cryptic, an image of a woman's face covered with a black hijab and a red and black bloodied bandanna.

A butcher at the estate described the couple as meat-lovers who never went a day without buying from him.

"We only interacted with him as a customer. He was always with a light skinned girl," butcher Chege Kariuki told reporters.

Salim was also well known in the community especially because of his loud car.

"The turbo exhaust of that car was loud enough that you could hear it from a distance," Chege recalled.

A local trader added: "I am still shocked because you cannot imagine he would have done such kind of a thing.

"He (Salim) would not have passed you without saying hi," the trader, Njenga, stated.


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