William Ruto will be impeached - David Ndii

Ndii says Ruto has run out of options, graft charges to follow impeachment

William Ruto will be impeached & spend most of his money fighting graft charges - David Ndii

Renowned economist and political strategist Dr David Ndii has predicted Deputy President William Ruto's impeachment before the 2022 general election.

Ndii said Ruto's impeachment was guaranteed and that it would be followed by corruption charges.

He predicted that the DP would end up spending most of his money on legal fees after the graft charges are brought fourth.

"William Ruto is going to be impeached, paving way to corruption charges. Thereafter all he will be doing is enriching lawyers, Ahmednasir& co. I hope he is reflecting on, and giving my amnesty proposal serious consideration," the former NASA strategist said.

Ndii was responding to a question from one of his followers who wanted to know if he would consider working with the DP.

"What choice does he have? If the dynasties come back, he is toast," he rhetorically wondered.

While stating that the DP had no chance in his fight with the so called dynasties, the economist noted that he would be willing to work with Ruto on condition he surrendered all ill-gotten wealth and committed never to seek public office.

"Ruto and his gang should confess, seek forgiveness, and atone by returning what they have stolen. If they commit to do so, we must promise them amnesty on condition they refrain public office. We can then join forces to drive dynasties out. I volunteer to negotiate the deal," Ndii added.


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