Trump's new move that is set to benefit Kenyans

Kenya has been spared by President Donald Trump after..

Kenya has been spared from the recent proposed cuts by White House in diplomatic and foreign aid to developing countries.

The move will see President Donald Trump’s government has proposed a 10 per cent reduction in foreign aid that will see Kenya receive $83 million (Sh8.5 billion) as from October this year.

The State Department’s African Affairs will see its overall budget slashed by 32 per cent under the plan released on Tuesday.

Trump’s decision to reduce the country’s funding by a small percentage is viewed as a way of supporting those countries and programmes that are most critical to US national security and strategic objectives.

Elsewhere, African countries with no significance to the US government will have development assistance eliminated completely as the president seeks to work towards an “America First” approach to budget-making.

The funding dubbed ‘Economic Support and Development Fund’ will among other things target issues affecting Kenya’s stability as well as support the country’s efforts to counter violent extremism and defeat Al Shabaab and ISIS incursions.

However, Trump is calling for reduction in international aid initiatives such as the African Development Fund that uses $1.4 million (Sh14.4 billion) to promote food security in Turkana.

He also wants to scrap other US government entities that seek to facilitate investment in and trade with developing countries, including Kenya.

It however seems unlikely that the Congress will approve 32 per cent cut in USAid and State Department to developing countries as requested by the President.


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