Why Simon Cowell’s golden buzzer given to Kenyan teen will change her life

Yesterday, a 15-year-old girl with Kenyan roots won Simon Cowell and the world over.

Sarah Ikumu

A song that many were sceptical about her performing as it is one of the biggest songs in the world and one could literally see the audience faces fall and Simon Cowell groan as she selected the song.

“Oh come on! Pick a good one.” One audience member even said as a wrongly chosen song is one of the reasons most hopefuls fail in the competition.

But she was unfazed by the audience’s cynicism and said that “I think ‘And I Am Telling You is the best song for me because it shows my vocal abilities the best.”

Despite being the last to audition, she really stole the crowd’s attention and respect with her powerful voice and composure resulting to loud cheers from the previously sceptical audience. And her rendition earned her the coveted golden buzzer from Simon Cowell sending her straight to the live semi-finals later in the season.

“Look Sarah, I’ve heard this song a lot and it started off really well and I thought 'Yeah this girl is great’, and then it’s like you became possessed half way through. It was quite incredible, and for someone of your age to stand on this stage with all the nerves and all the pressure, to absolutely - not just nail the song – you made it your song.” Simon said.

“You are not allowed to have that amount of talent at that age!” One of the judges Alesha Dixon joked. "I didn’t press the golden buzzer because I wanted Simon to press that golden buzzer because I want you to go far and I know Simon can help you because you because you are a superstar!”

English television presenter Amanda Holden who is also one of the judges said: “I am absolutely thrilled for you! It was mind blowing; I can’t believe that you're only 15, congratulations!"

What is a golden buzzer and what does getting the Golden Buzzer mean to Sarah?

The golden buzzer is a big deal as the judges are allowed to press it only once during the season for very special perfomances and while it was originally used to break ties, it upgraded to send an act straight to the live shows.

A golden buzzer from Simon Cowell is now on another whole level as the judge is not easily pleased, so if she made Simon melt, it is a big deal.

So far, many of the acts that have gotten Simon’s Golden buzzer have made it to the finals with his 2014 choice 'Bars and Melody' finishing 3rd and signing a 66 Million Kshs record deal with Syco. Which is a British entertainment company established by entertainment mogul Simon Cowell and co-owned by Sony.

For 2015, Simon’s chose Calum Scott after his rendition of Robyn's ‘Dancing on My Own’ which was a great choice as Calum’s version was one of the most downloaded songs of 2016.

And in 2016, Simon pressed his buzzer for Boogie Storm, a Stormtrooper act known for their funky dance routines much to the dismay of the viewers who thought they did not deserve the buzzer, but they went on to bag 3 place and sign a deal with Syco Entertainment.

And the best part is that a huge percentage of the acts Simon has managed to sign or mentor have become a worldwide sensation. His most famous signees include Westlife, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix and One Direction, so Alesha was right on Simon's superstar-making-potential.

What do you guy think? Do you think she has what it takes to not only take home the number one spot and become a superstar, sound off in the poll below :


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