Chef Ali Said Alamin Mandhry is a man of many talents and hats.

He has had a stellar career as a Chef, strutted his stuff on some of the highest profile fashion runways in the world, hosted and featured in uncountable local and international cooking shows, mingled with who’s who locally and internationally including cooking for former President Kibaki and to seal it all become the first Chef in East Africa to endorse a car.

Thanks to his handsome looks and signature ‘angry birds’ eyebrows, few fail to recognize him, and to women out there he can as well be their knight in shining Armour.

Business Insider Sub Saharan Africa had a chat with the Kenyan celebrity chef and Chevrolet brand ambassador in East Africa about his stellar career, entrepreneurship, dreams, secrets and upcoming cook book set to be released this year so watch this space.

Chef Ali also had something for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s ears.

“I feel like as a brand I do a lot of PR, I travel all over the World with the brands that I work with like Kericho Gold, I have always been travelling you know like going to Milan, South Africa, to US  among many other places aroud the world to represent the product and of course and sell it there"

The host of Tamu Tamu: Kenyan Cuisine with a Twist, Pilipili Jikoni, Kikwetu Supa Chef and now host of Power breakfast with Chef Ali, since he started cooking at the tender age of nine years old has grown from a cook, then a chef to now being more of an influencer and marketer.

Chef Ali feels he is now ready to add another feature in his widely decorated hat and would love an opportunity to fly the Kenyan flag even higher on the intentional stage by serving Kenya as an Ambassador and requires President Uhuru's blessings.

“I feel like in the long run like everyone grows and you wanna grow, so everyone reaches a certain stage and they feel like you know what I am probably done with being a celebrity, probably done being on TV, I want to do things that would definitely create an impact and create relationships, I still want to be a celebrity definitely when I am gonna be the ambassador at the end of the day you still want to be like the top popular ambassador if it allows”

Companies have already seen and appreciate his work as a brand ambassador  and are now outdoing themselves to entice him to sign up and promote their brands.

Kericho Gold Tea and the Envirofit  SuperSaver Charcoal Jiko are just some of the few companies he markets while at home and away from home.

Through his various work commitments, Chef Ali has met and mingled with several world leaders and celebrities and feels he can exploit this position to benefit the country by marketing it as an ideal destination for investment and Safari.

“I would love to represent my country internationally wherever country I am gonna be posted, it is like I have this job already but hey it would be good if it becomes official (breaks into laughter)."

Just like cooking the perfect meal, which starts with making sure all the ingredients are available and then proceeding to mixing and blending them in different portions, Chef Ali does not only possesses the necessary qualifications to represent Kenya internationally but also possess maybe the most important quality, Patriotism.

he is deeply patriotic and unashamedly takes pride in being a Kenyan.

All Chef Ali's jackets and attires come branded with the Kenyan flag and African art and he never stops speaking about what a great country Kenya is.

Maybe it is also high time President Uhuru Kenyatta take note and officially enlist him as a brand ambassador for the country.

“It reaches a certain age when you feel like you want to do something even greater for the people and of course for your country and I am a very patriotic guy, you see my chef jacket is all branded Kenya so I want to represent my country Kenya to my level best and I want to create ties with the International community, all the countries that I have travelled to, you know put Kenya on the global map and sell our beautiful  country and magical scenes, our unique cultures and cuisines and make a difference”