• Kanye West's preferred mode of transport near his multimillion-dollar ranch in Wyoming is a fleet of several blacked-out Ford Raptors, according to The New York Times .
  • The Raptor, which costs upwards of $53,000, is the high-performance, off-road-ready version of Ford's F-150 pickup truck.
  • Its twin-turbocharged V6 engine puts out 450 horsepower and 510 foot-pounds of torque, Ford says.
  • The truck is equipped with beefy tires and Fox shocks that help it tackle off-road terrain.
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Just because Kanye West now spends his time on a massive $14 million ranch in Wyoming doesn't mean he's given up all of the trappings of life as a famous recording artist. The multi-hyphenate still records music, holds listening parties, and as those with the money to do so tend to do buys and drives expensive, over-the-top cars.

To get around his compound and the 10,000-person town of Cody, Wyoming, around which he's said to have two roughly $14-million ranches, West uses a fleet of "between two and six" blacked-out Ford Raptors, according to The New York Times .

The F-150 Raptor Ford's flagship performance pickup comes equipped with a super-powerful, twin-turbocharged V6, racing-grade shocks, enormous all-terrain tires, and plenty of other goodies that make it ideal for speeding across rocky and uneven terrain.

Here's a closer look at the Ford Raptor, Kanye West's truck of choice out West:

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