Ugandans ranked laziest people in East Africa

Uganda’s labour productivity is ranked among the bottom 25 out of 144 countries.

A 2016 survey on executive performance has ranked Ugandans as the laziest people in East Africa with the lowest labour productivity in terms of value-added worker.

The survey carried out by Dr Norah Njuba, showed that Ugandans’ poor performance is as a result of poor work ethics and socio-cultural factors among them disabling beliefs, executive perception about themselves and their leaders and a lack of sense of urgency.

Dr Njuba said that there is a huge divide between what employers and the market is looking for and what the products our school systems are offering.

She cited a number of inconsistencies in the labor market such as employers demanding higher efficiency and productivity in spite of the work place being full of highly qualified but non-performing staff.

The country’s workforce has on several occasions been indicted by various global organizations.

The World Bank Forum (WEF) has for the past five years ranked Uganda’s labour productivity among the bottom 25 out of 144 countries.

Likewise, the Global Competiveness Report (Schwab, 2014) pointed out that Uganda has the lowest labour productivity as compared to other countries in the East African region.

It is an issue that has caught the attention of the Institute of Culture and Work Ethics (IWCE) which, through its executive Director Mr. Sam Bwaya, is going to organize the first Work Culture and Culture Day in Uganda.

The organization says that the annual event will start with institutions and corporate organizations before pulling in individuals in a bid to instill a good working culture among Ugandans.


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