7 ways to handle the office bully

Because we're all about picking struggles.

Don't fight back unless it's necessary.

It could be a boss or another colleague, they all share the same traits. and this is how you handle them.

1. Be aware of your emotions

I get it, it’s difficult to keep anger in check when someone is gnawing at your patience, especially when it’s over unreasonable issues. But letting your emotions show when handling an office bully is the equivalent of saying that they won. Silence is golden. If it’s impossible to do so then shut them up by saying things like, “ I’ll discuss this once you’ve calm down and you’re ready to have a productive conversation.”

2. Beat them in their own game

Office bullies tend to act like they know it all. If he/she is complaining about something be quick to ask what they plan to do about the situation or how they expect it to be solved. You’d b surprised at just how fast they’ll shut up or switch conversation.

3. Speak to someone older

There is wisdom in experience. If dealing with an office bully is proving to be difficult. Speak to someone who has worked in your office for a longer period. They may enlighten you on policies and culture at the office that deals with such issues.

4. Call them out

This is risky business but if you’ve got the proof needed to show that indeed you are being bullied, then call out your bully and be bold to straight up ask what their problem is with you and inform them that you will take it up with Human Resource. Harrasment at the work place is a serious offence.

5. Keep track of the abuse

Keep clean records of each and every incident that has taken place inclusive of dates and timings. You make your complaint more credible when you are precise with your claims. Also, it will freak out your bully, big time!

6. Do not fight back… unless its necessary

Unless push comes to shove, do not indulge a bully. Most of them are gaslighters and any sort of indulgence encourages them to be more aggressive. You need to remember that one of the most common characteristics of bullies is low self esteem, to indulge means giving the attention they oh so crave. Furthermore, you earn points with every sane person in the office for remaining indifferent.

7. Stay away from toxic people

Unless your work requires you to be in constant communication with your bully, avoid them like a plaque. Steer clear of any conversations they indulge in to make yourself unavailable for attack.


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