One of Nigeria's biggest online travel agencies wants a part of Kenya's tourism pie

The goal of the project was revealed to be growing West African originated tourists by 30%.

Wakanow opens its Kenya office to take opportunity of boomig tourist industry of the country.

The firm is using its Kenya subsidiary as a launching pad to the largest East African hospitality and tourism market.

Mr Obinna Ekezie, Group Executive of Wakanow Group said the move is to help grow its West-East Africa travel and tourism business.

"We have partnered with the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) for many years and our presence will further provide a seamless portal for Africans in the diaspora as well as global travellers," he said.

Wakanow has been serving as KTB's ambassador to attract tourist from the West Africa and the Middle East its beaches and savannahs.

Wakanow is co-owned by American and Nigerian investors, has about 40 operational offices in Nigeria and Ghana. It also runs Dubai and United Kingdom offices to tap into the high African diaspora markets in these countries.

In Nigeria, travel websites and platform have reduced the presence of middle man and travel agents in the travelling business.

Travellers now handle their travel logistics from the comfort of their rooms and offices.


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