Rihanna and Lupita to finally star in a blockbuster movie 'Dusk In California'

After 3 long years, two of the biggest female celebrities, Rihanna and Lupita have agreed to star in a blockbuster movie.


The two celebrities looked like a power movie duo straight from an Hollywood blockbuster movie, and yes fans noticed as well and never forgot.

Now three years later that photo is making rounds on social media again but this this time as an inspiration of movie, fans across the globe have been having fun imagining the two as characters in a Hollywood heist movie and the concept has gone viral.

Until now the two had largely remain mute on the 'movie script', but not anymore.

For the first time, singer Rihanna and Hollywood actress Lupita Nyong'o have revived fans' hopes that the two will star in a film together.

Lupita took to twitter and announced to the world that she was down for it, if the queen of Caribbean was up for it.

To which Rihanna promptly answered that she was in (Ako ndani ndanii kabisa)

What is only left now is for a serious Hollywood producer to step into the picture and produce the romance thriller which fans have christened ‘Dusk in California’ a film about two heroines based at Los Angeles, who take what they want & never look back.

Going by the excitement already generated by the prospect of the two featuring in film together not to mention Rihanna's huge fan base coupled with Lupita loyal followers, it is only a matter of time before the movie which is certain to be a big success will premier in a Cinema near you.

The fact that Rihanna has already also been featured in some big-screen production such as the Battleship, a Hollywood adaptation of a 1960s board game, all but sweetens the deal even more for Hollywood to produce the must watch movie.

Lupita is a big shot in her own right and may just may be the movie may be nominated for an Oscar award.


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