New report shows that Nigeria has some of the most generous people in Africa

The top five African countries with the most giving people have been revealed.

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A new report shows that Nigeria has some of the most generous people in Africa.

According to the report, the World's Most Generous Countries by Gallup, the West African country is the second most generous nation on the continent. It scored 48 on the Civic Engagement Index.

In order to figure this out, the American research-based, global performance-management consulting company, sampled people from 146 countries in 2017.

These individuals were asked questions about giving their money, time or assistance to people in need. The results -- 2.2 billion people helped a stranger, 1.4 billion donated money to charity and 1 billion volunteered their time.

It also discovered that countries that are often considered as poor, have some of the most generous people in the world, proving that giving back doesn't necessarily have anything to do with wealth.

Here is how other African countries fared on the report:


Number one on the list of most giving countries in Africa is Kenya. It scored 54 on the Civic Engagement Index and ranked as eight across the world.

This is due to the forty-five per cent of Kenyans who volunteered in 2017 and the 72 per cent who helped strangers.


The third position goes to this West African country. With 80 per cent of the population having volunteered their time, it scored 47 on the index.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is ranked fourth in the continent with 80 per cent of people helping a stranger and a score of 47.


The fifth most generous African county is Zambia with a 46 score on the Civic Engagement Index. It ranked 21st globally.


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