5 unknown facts about RMA Motors Kenya CEO

Under his watch he has overseen tremendous changes at RMA, Kenya and played an instrumental role in the company being nominated and awarded several awards.


Under his watch he has overseen tremendous changes at RMA, Kenya  and played an instrumental role in the company being nominated and awarded several awards such as Jaguar importer of the year 2015/16 and East Africa's Superbrand 2015 / 2016.

I recently had a conversation with him about his stellar career, love for cars and secret to success.

In a five part series, here are five unknown facts about Sanjiv Shah.

#1. He is a professional rally driver and a qualified pilot.

Sanjiv is a man of many features; He is the CEO of RMA, Kenya, a family man, a former rally driver and also a fully qualified pilot.

Sanjiv father was the founder of Muhoroni and Nzoia sugar which was part of the Mehta group.

The late Kenyan legendary rally driver, Shektar Mehta was a partner and co-director of the Mehta group and played an instrumental role in Sanjiv's love for cars.

“I was drawn into cars because of the late Shektar’s hobby and rallying success; it drew me into it and also inspired me to go professional once I come of age”   Sanjiv said at their swanky offices located in West lands Nairobi.

Mehta was one of the Kenya’s most successful rally drivers. He won the safari rally a record five times (1973, 1979 - 82) including four consecutively.

In 1981 he finished fifth in the World Rally Championship.

And so once Sanjiv turned 18yrs, he become a professional rally driver and participated in several competition across the globe from 1984 – 1992.

#2. He is very spiritual

Being a CEO is a hard job, leave alone being the CEO of a multinational company such as RMA and therefore welding such massive authority may easily corrupt most people.

The job also calls for one to be assertive and make hard decisions which may result in one being labeled as  cold and distant however the key is being in touch with one’s soul and looking inward rather than outwards for strength.

“I am very spiritual because it makes me humbleSpirituality enriches you in my opinion, and it allows you to look inside, and when you look inside you see the ugly bits of yourself which allows you to balance or address them. That is the challenge but that is only human so once we get over that I think we become better humans and that what I would like to be”

#3. His favorite meal is Nyama Choma

Work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and so whenever Sanjiv gets a chance he likes to spoil himself with some quality time with his family, enjoying sumptuous meal at a breath taking destination.

It is afact that Kenya is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and Diani beach was even recently voted the seventh beach in Africa by TripAdvisory.

So  in terms of destinations, anywhere in Kenya features high on Sanjiv travel list, but given a choice he won’t resist the charming beauty of the Kenyan coast.

“If I have a choice it has to be the Kenyan coast, it got to be south coast or the other extreme end is to go upto Lamu or Kilifi somewhere around there, great white sandy beaches  is just the total relaxation”

While at it, Sanjiv will never miss a chance to enjoy some Nyama Choma.

“My favorite food it has to be nyama choma, it is very Kenyan and it is very casual, you can sit around the barbecue and just have fun”

#4.His first car was a Mazda

It is not a secret that Sanjiv is a petrol head, his love for cars began at the tender age of nine years and he later became a professional rally driver.

And so in the green fields of Muhoroni sugar estate, Sanjiv first drove a little Mazda car.

Flash-forward 50yrs later and Sanjiv has replaced the old Mazda with a three liter super-charged sport car.

“My current car is a Jaguar F-type, it’s a sexy red sporty car which is really exciting to drive and look at; it’s just great”

His Star sign is also Leo and therefore that makes him a lion at heart.

#5. He is an Avid Swimmer

Sanjiv used to run a lot, after all he is Kenyan and you know Kenyans and athletics right!  Anyway about ten years ago he suffered an injury in his right leg and the doctor recommended that he pick another hobby, if he wants to keep fit and that is how swimming came into the picture.

“I swim a lot in the morning or in the evening depending on how my day was, swimming just helps me relax, it refreshes me and actually it is very good for the body” Sanjiv adds.

Watch this space for more candid revelation about Sanjiv Shah...

Sanjiv Shah Opens Up About His Car Addiction

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