Kenya erupts in uproar after Tanzania burns 6,400 one-day-old chicks

The day-old chicks from Kenya which were being transported in ventilated wooden boxes were intercepted on Sunday in Namanga

According to Tanzania’s regional livestock boss, Obedi Nyasembwa, the chicks, worth about Sh554,000 (Tsh12 million), were smuggled from Kenya and posed a health risk.

The day-old chicks which were being transported in ventilated wooden boxes were intercepted on Sunday in Namanga and a Tanzanian businesswoman was arrested.

After the arrest, Tanzania authorities proceeded to doused them in petrol before setting the chics  ablaze on Tuesday, Mwananchi newspaper reported.

Confirming the Incident, Kenya Veterinary Association condemned the act saying it was not only inhumane but went against animal’s rights.

“There was a more humane way of dealing with the birds, but burning them alive is not humane,” the honorary secretary of the Kenya Veterinary Association, Kenneth Wameyo, said.

Veterinarians in Tanzania have also condemned the act stating the best option was to return the chicks to the primary owner, if the reason was to really protect outbreak of diseases.

“The decision has distorter image of the country to our neighbour, no one expected if that would be possible,”  Dr Thomas Kahema, executive director of a non-governmental organisation, Tanzania Animal Welfare Society  told The Citizen.

Mr. Wameyo accused Tanzania of acting in haste has there is no evidence the chicks carried disease and in any case, there is no bird flu in Kenya.

“The chicks are innocent. Tanzanian laws governing disease control actually state they should have been returned to where they originated,” he said.

The honorary secretary further added that Tanzania had also refused to sign the Mutual Recognition Agreement for East African vets which would facilitate movement of veterinarians, specialists and other veterinary professionals across East Africa.


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