A lot of countries think Donald Trump is not the man for the job

The perception of the US as a country has also declined under Trump’s presidency.


That is the result of a Pew Research Centre report that polled  37 countries from around the world on their perception of president Trump when it comes to international affairs.

The perception of the US as a country has also declined under Trump’s presidency. The report found that only 22% of countries had confidence in Trump to handle international affairs as compared to a 64% score for his predecessor,Barack Obama.

African countries like Ghana scored him at 49% compared to 82% for Obama,Nigeria had him at 58% whilst Kenya rated him at 51%.Only two countries Russia and Israel  gave Trump higher marks than Obama.

Rather surprisingly,America’s closest neighbours and friends also showed a certain reticence towards the American leader with declines in Canada and Mexico,which is unsurprising considering Trump has promised to build a wall between the two countries.

That particular policy  was opposed by 76% of respondents across the 37 countries while his decision to withdraw the U.S from the Paris Climate Accord was also hugely unpopular worldwide,drawing condemnation from ex- Ghana president John Mahama.

Trump’s character is also a factor in how he is viewed abroad. In the eyes of most people surveyed around the world, the White House’s new occupant is arrogant, intolerant and even dangerous. Among the positive characteristics tested, his highest rating is for being a strong leader. Fewer believe he is .

*This article was written with data from the Pew Research Center.


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