Sudan's president sacks his entire 31-member cabinet, appoints new PM

The decision comes in the wake of the country's growing economic crisis

The decision was approved by top leaders of his ruling National Congress Party (NCP) after a late night meeting.

“President Omar Al Bashir has informed ... that he will sack the government at all levels, the prime minister, federal ministers and ministers of state in order to fix the situation facing the country,” the presidency said in a statement.

“He will form a new government that can once again bring hope to the Sudanese people.”

Al Bashir is expected to form a leaner 21-member cabinet, state television reported.

The head-of-state named Moutaz Mousa Abdallah, who was the irrigation minister in the outgoing cabinet, as the new prime minister, while Mr Saleh will continue as first vice president.

Economic crisis

President Bashir also appointed Mohamed Osman Yousif Kiber as vice president.

The new prime minister is expected to announce the 21-member cabinet on Monday.

Earlier on Sunday, the presidency announced Bashir's decision to sack the government of Saleh "in order to fix the situation facing the country".

Sudan has been suffering from an economic crisis caused by the scarcity in liquidity and the decline in the exchange rate of its national currency.


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