Zimbabwe’s President reveals who influenced Raila to boycott elections

Kenya went to the polls on October 26th to elect a new president after the August 8th Presidential poll was nullified by the Supreme Court.

However unlike in the past elections which is normally hotly contested and there is huge turnout, main opposition leader, Raila odinga boycotted the elections and urged his supporters to stay at home because of what he termed as not free fair and credible elections, as a result there was low turnout across the country.

Mr Mugabe has accused West-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) of meddling in the Kenyan elections, saying they had influenced opposition leader Raila Odinga to boycott the polls.

“They want to work with opposition parties all the time. In other words they don’t have that impartiality of mind and judgement,” Mugabe said.

The veteran leader has said his country will not allow such NGOs to observe the 2018 elections, Xinhua reports.

“We don’t need them. We are saying no. We are going to have elections in 2018 and we are going to say no to the whites … We don’t mind their diplomats participating but the NGOs, no. We don’t want them at all,” he told journalists from Chinese media organizations on Wednesday.

Mugabe sentiments is likely to irk opposition parties in Zimbabwe who have always called for Western countries and organizations to observe elections to ensure that they are credible, free and fair.

This will not the first time however for Zimbabwe to bar Western organizations from observing elections, accusing them of harboring sinister intentions to promote regime change.


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