4 sure signs that you are in the wrong job

Is that job right for you?


Feeling tired with your job? Or perhaps, have you ever felt that your job isn't right for you?

Many people in the modern day generation find themselves doing jobs they did not wish do in the first place. Most of us are in just for the paper and rather not for that job.

If you can't just shake off that feeling of seeing the day off every now and then just to get over the trauma of being in the office, then these 4 signs could perhaps let you know whether you should move on to another job:

1. You don’t feel yourself at work

You should never feel pressure to be someone you are not at work. Do not think that you have to change to fit in, be it in how you operate, hoe you talk, how you look.

Again, you don’t have to stick at a job just because you are scared of looking like one who is simply job hopping.

At the end of the day, you ought to feel at home when you’re at work!

2. Money is the only source of motivation

Of course we all love money and there is no harm in money being a motivating factor in your work. However, if money is what trumps work-life balance or work variety, then you should really question yourself about your job.

Again, if it is the sole reason why you get out of bed every morning, then perhaps you should move on from that job.

3. You dread getting those Sunday evening blues

Saying goodbye to the weekend is not everyone’s wish. Even then, most of us will look forward to the brand new week with much enthusiasm and gusto. In other words, you should be excited to go to work.

However, if you are the type of person who’s not ready for the week and the challenges it brings with it ahead, then chances are you’ll walk into that office on Monday morning completely flatted-out.

4. You don’t resonate with the company’s values

In other words, you cannot relate with the company’s values. In as much a company has its own set of values as well as you do, the correlation between the two is important.

Even if you don’t agree with all of them, you should at least adhere to them and help the company achieve them.

And if at all they are of no essence to you then perhaps it’s time to move to another job.


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