Kenya’s top CEOs narrate what keeps them awake at night

The work place challenges that keep Kenya's senior executives awake at night

They often face business challenges that require more than a quick-fix meeting or phone call.

Many of them will admit to staying up at night as they worry how to solve these problems in the workplace.

Kenya's senior executives shared their midnight thoughts – and how they tackle them to safeguard their sleep:

Simon Gicharu - Founder and Chairman, Mount Kenya University (MKU)

"I worry about political stability in my country, Kenya, especially after the experiences we have had in the past. In 2008, after the post-election violence, about 1,000 students left the university. This gave us a lot of problems especially with cash flow. That is my biggest worry."

Darshan Chandaria - Director and Group CEO, Chandaria Group

"Production efficiencies, brand building, stability of the political environment, and to a certain extent pilferage issues."

Phyllis Wakiaga, CEO, Kenya Association of Manufacturers

"I worry about the volatility of our economy and how suddenly situations happen that are beyond our control as manufacturers.

So I think, what if I wake up tomorrow and something significant has shifted? What would this mean for us? I also wonder how we can use industry to really make a difference for our country – not just economically, but also socially and politically."

Sanjiv Shah - CEO, Jaguar Land Rover (Inchcape plc)

"None. I have lots of worries but I do know one thing: if you stay up at night, you won’t perform during the day.

I sleep because I am a disciplined person. I just go to sleep. I have just trained myself that if you sleep well, you work well."

Joanne Mwangi - Founder and CEO, PMS Group

"I think I worry more about my team than anything else. I am not happy when my team is not happy. I always want my team to be working at optimum.

So when I realise that there is some conflict or somebody is going through an issue that bothers me. We have a very family-like culture at PMS so I always want my people’s things to go right so they can work at optimum."

Eddah Gachukia - Founder, Riara Group of Schools

"When children play and one falls, is injured and has to be taken to hospital. This business, if you want to call it that, is very delicate. We are dealing with children."

Bob Collymore - CEO, Safaricom

"Our customers and their satisfaction with us, our products and our service keep me awake at night.

It distresses me greatly when we experience any network outages as I am acutely aware of how destabilising this is to our customers for whom our products have become an integral part of their lives."

Tabitha Karanja - CEO, Keroche Breweries

"How to satisfy our customers keeps me awake. We are currently thinking of expanding the beer section. I will be at ease when I know Kenyans can get constant and regular supply of their beer throughout [the country]."


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