5 things Kenyan millionaires do that the middle class doesn't

Don't just think like a millionaire,act like one.


Earning that "millionaire status" is probably every young Kenyan's dream.

How would it feel seeing that seventh digit added to your net worth? More than delightful I bet. But the question you should ask yourself is just what does it take to be a millionaire?

As stated earlier, becoming that ultra-rich person starts with the mindset but how you follow up on those ideas matters as well. Millionaires have a set of actions and attitudes that distinguish them from the middle class or that average person.

And here are some of those things that set them apart from such individuals:

1. Millionaires have various sources of income

Millionaires prefer having multiple sources of income to increase their wealth. In as much as they have that one job, they probably have income flowing from one of these sources:

They also have the mindset of putting in effort up front but eventually leaving more qualified people in charge so they can move on to the next income-generating project. This in contrast to the middle class who want to take charge of everything; eventually leading to burnout.

2. Millionaires talk about ideas, not things

You will hardly hear millionaires speak about flashy cars or other things that are not of interest to them. These bunch of individuals are creative and tend to spend time thinking about new ideas.

They understand that ideas are the most valuable asset in the world. Millionaires own those car companies whose cars you keep talking about every now and then. In other words, millionaires are producers while the middle class are consumers.

3. Millionaires take calculated risks

Whereas the middle class fear taking risks, millionaires will always strive to move a step further even when they know the risks involved.

They educate themselves before taking risks, and then they consider the consequences of failing. They calculate the intensity of the risk versus the power of the reward.

4. Millionaires pay themselves first

Whilst the Kenyan middle class use their paycheck to pay rent, water and electricity bills in addition to other expenses then spend the remaining cash partying, millionaires take an opposite approach.

They pay themselves first, meaning they immediately take a percentage of their checks and put it in bank accounts, emergency funds and other investments. Then they take the money left over and pay whatever else they need to pay.

5. Millionaires are generous

Wealthy individuals view generosity as a necessity as opposed to the middle class who often believe they cannot afford to give.

“Millionaires know that if they are generous, they will receive more in return."


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