Forget KickassTorrents,get the latest movies on this ATM-machine

Piracy made easier

A shopping mall in Ethiopia has installed an ATM-like kiosk which gives users all the latest movies and TV-Shows at incredibly low prices.

And it’s quite simple. One simply approaches the bright yellow kiosk then inserts a USB drive.

The screen will turn on and it will let you browse through a huge collection of movies.

The kiosks are said to be maintained by a company called Escape Computing, selling various affordable packages for approximately $1 (25 birr), $2 (50 birr) and $4 (100 birr).

Furthermore, DRM and copyright protection are not high on the agenda for this unusual and innovative machine.

And they don’t just deal with old movies as revealed by a source who said that some of the movies he saw available had just been released in cinemas that very day.

“Apparently the maintenance guy torrents all day and stores the data on his drive, the drive shown by the SwiftMedia monitor. This would not have been a big deal as this is Ethiopia and the allegedly democratic government has bigger issues,” the source added.

Torrents have made it easier to download movies which is illegal according to law and such a situation would not last for very long in countries such as USA and in Europe.

This is however a stark contrast to the situation in third world countries like Ethiopia where it is rather easy to dodge the troublesome task of using torrents and getting pirated content from the mall instead.


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