The most popular apps in Kenya

These are the most downloaded apps by Kenyans....

Kenyans have shifted to the Facebook-owned App in their bid to communicate through messages. Whatsapp has become particularly popular due to its convenience. One can send photos and videos to a group of people and also to their friends. It also allows administrators to form groups that can contain a maximum of 256 participants. Groups can be formed based on common interest.

2. (Facebook) messenger

Facebook messenger is an app that allows direct messaging for facebook users. The app is particularly helpful because you do not have to post a private message on a public timeline. A facebook messenger user does not really have to log onto facebook per se.

3. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular and biggest social media platforms in the world. Kenyans love facebook alot. The fact that users can post messages, photos and videos for the public to see makes Kenyans yearn for the app. Politics has also made a major impact in the use of social media in Kenya. Kenyans do not relent in stating the political party and candidate they support.

4. TrueCaller ID &Block

Truecaller allows a person to know the identity of the person calling you. If you have not saved the number you will still know who is calling. However the caller has to have the Truecaller app too so that they can be identified easily. The app helps a person block unwanted people from calling and disturbing them.

5. Facebook lite

Facebook lite is a facebook extension of the internet instead of downloading the Facebook application. The app operates like the facebook app but is limited in its functions. You cannot experience the full potential like the facebook app.

6. Tala

Tala formerly known as Mkopo Rahisi is an app that helps users to borrow soft loans through their phones. The application process is simple. When the application process is done users receive the cash via MPesa.

7. Opera Mini

Opera is a browsing app that is cheap and easy to use. It is particularly popular because it does not consume as much bundles like the mainstream browsers. However the data on Opera mini is compressed in order to occupy little space. Therefore you may not experience optimum browsing as with the other mainstream browsers.

8. Uber

Uber is an online app that allows a person connect with a taxi that is near their locality. Kenyans would love to move from one place to the other conveniently and with ease. Therefore Uber is a welcome solution especially for those who do not have their own cars. When an Uber user orders for a taxi, they get connected to the nearest driver. The app gives a description of the car and its registration number. Users also know the cost to be incurred for the whole trip.

9. Instagram

Instagram is an app that allows users to post photos, short videos and Graphic Interchange Format (GIFs) for the world to see. Users love to keep their followers updated on what is going on in their lives. Instagram also gives an opportunity for business people to market their products.

10. Branch

It is a finance app that allows users to acquire loans easily just like the Tala app. The app targets users who have active and established Facebook and MPesa accounts. The app also covers people who are in remote areas and those who do not have a bank account yet.


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