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Tina Kaggia’s New Year Resolution after Nasty break Up with Baby Daddy

New year comes with new things for Tina.

2018 resolutions

The estranged wife to Comedian JB Masanduku has left many in awe after she wrote down a list of the things she has planned to work on in 2018.


Tina last year revealed that she suffered depression after things started going wrong in her marriage and she was getting into alcoholism.

Spiritual yearning

In her post, Tina wants to focus her energy more on working hard and getting to know God. She also wants to go out on more dates.

Below is a post with Tina Kaggia’s New Year resolution;


“1. Stop ghosting good guys. 2. Wake up an hour earlier than necessary. 3. Read the Bible more. 4. Meditate more. 5. Burpees 6. Laser off something. 7. Teach the kids how to play chess. 8. Grow back my hair. 9. Save hard! 10. Less jeans and vests, more little dresses. 11. Drink more water. 12. Go on more dates. I actually don't like them“ Read Tina’s post.

Tina had accused JB of having a habit of disappearing on her without saying where he was and that he was an alcoholic, allegations he has strongly denied that he would not do.


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